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The development course of China

 First step,from raw material to Baby Feeding Bottles products.

 Mak eveny effort to expand domestic business

Laodou corporation invested 1.2 million RMB to build no-dust  workshop and add machine equipment.

Successful  acquisition of Guangzhou Laodou Baby Feeding Bottles as abrand factory which  specializing In paper products Baby Feeding Bottles

The sales amount has trpied

Capture Market by high-quality products

Laodou corporation invested around 4.5 million  RMB to add more advancedEquipment,expand workshop and decorate office ,workshop and decorate office,Workshop has been expandedto 1500 square meters.

Special “win-win-win”cooperation mode,in order to create and enlarge business value,provide more appreciation service.

Laodou Baby Feeding Bottles group’s  successful acquisition, new employees to join,charity union set up bring three good thing come to life : the benefit of employees,high service to customers,give-back to society!

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