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To win.

On October 21-23, Chinese Bee Products Association held in Zhejiang "2014 National Conference of Jiangshan apiculture", the Conference Secretariat through enterprise reporting, bee products enterprise appraisal, expert selection procedures, finally selects the "best of 2014 Chinese bee products within the packaging enterprise" 3, "2014 China best bee products Nene packaging products 5" very honored, is, China packaging products factory in the selection of activities, and obtain the best packaging enterprises and the best packaging products two honor, which fully shows that, our years of the implementation of the "quality level, quality and strong enterprise" concept of the end to get the majority of bee products and Enterprise Association expert, approved by the leadership. Winning at the same time, we feel that the body of the responsibility, we have to work harder, the better, the packaging of our products more secure, more beautiful, more by consumers!

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