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The Eleventh China (Guangzhou) International Building Decoration Fair

From globalization perspective, the eleventh session of the Guangzhou Expo is scheduled for July 8-11, it will be more convenient to international buyers! Along with the time change, the organizers make full use of their advantages in resources and a variety of marketing channels, continue to accelerate the process of internationalization of the exhibition. The vast resources of successful experience and accumulated ten Exhibition for the eleventh session of the Guangzhou Fair held successfully laid a good foundation! The organizers will continue to adhere to the comprehensive and professional combination of road, realize the "big and complete" and "fine" combination, to further strengthen the main characteristics different from other exhibition!

"To provide a complete solution for the interior decoration industry practitioners, for exhibitors to create more into the distribution of international and domestic market opportunity" is the consistent concept of Guangzhou fair exhibition! The organizer will spare no effort to improve the quality of the exhibition, continue to move to the "global architectural decoration industry's most influential event" goal!

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