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Paper packaging container

Composite paper cans is a kind of paper and other materials made of composite packaging containers in the past few years. Our country is currently used for potatoes and tea and other solid food packaging; while in a foreign country is used to contain moisture high request of health food, food, frozen food and oil dilution.

Composite paper cans have good development and application prospect, can be used as metal, glass, ceramic packaging containers for. Compared with these containers, composite paper cans have more significant disadvantages: composite paper cans is the paper as an important raw material for recycling solution easily; composite paper cans cover with excellent performance, waterproof, moisture-proof, insulation has certain consequences; composite paper cans odorless, non-toxic, safe and reliable, special suitable for food packaging; composite paper cans can be filled with a variety of appearance of goods, and filling with little noise; composite paper cans can have positive and negative pressure, can be used in vacuum or nitrogen filled packaging; composite paper cans shape structural style characteristics, can have good fruit color printing device; composite paper cans cans quality as long as 30%, composite the paper can easily use inconvenience, circulation, low price.

The category of composite paper cans are very common, containing powder solid food: new trend of composite paper cans, tea, cocoa, sugar, salt, cereal seeds, roasted seeds and nuts, Coffee and all kinds of solid beverage, composite paper cans can be used for containing various liquid food, juice, wine, mineral water if milk, etc.. Composite paper cans can also be used to contain moisture high request of health food, food, frozen food and oil dilution. For example, America about 85% diluted orange juice to take composite paper cans packaging. In Japan, more than 50% of the soft drink is taken aluminum composite paper cans packaging yilagai.

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