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And the celebration of 2012 China enterprises at the time the best wishes for your new home

Dear friends, the VIP customers:

Hello! You are welcome to visit China enterprise official website: China Packaging Group - China Enterprises - Guangzhou Hui Hua Packing Products Co. Ltd. - owned factory - China paper packaging products factory - Huihua plastic packaging products factory - Hui Hua Hardware packaging products factory. Thank you has been to China enterprise's concern and support, now China began to move to a new address in November 1, 2011: Guangzhou city Xintang Town Sha Sha Kau Kau village Development Zone No. 9 (namely: Xian Cun Li Guanghui expressway exit, new road), the relocation, expansion and building decoration construction craft plant and equipment company again invested 4500000 RMB, a four star office and production environment for employees, packaging products for customers to create five star, to further expand the production capacity of China's competition strength and the product, once again increased by 3 sets of automatic bottle blowing machine, the sealed air conditioning workshop dust-free workshop paper packaging workshop, automatic production line, all products of high demand, high standard, high yield production, so as to ensure the quality of products, the company pursues the brain work, hard life, morality and conscience for food packaging. Ensure that produce Chinese the best product quality, make the world more beautiful.

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